Katrin Scherer’s CLUSTER Quartet – Second Brain

After the debut album three years ago, this is now the band’s second release.
The compositions were all written in autumn 2020 and are partly very fragment-oriented.
The conscious renunciation of a harmony instrument and thus the reduction to 2 wind instruments, bass and drums create space for open improvisation concepts and a transparent band sound.
With Moritz, Stefan and Leif I have found congenial partners who realise my compositions with great creativity and – hungry for new ideas – always bring in their own impulses.
Comparable to a „second brain“, my fellow musicians are a multitool, to organise the abundance of musical ideas, to carry them forward and to place them as meaningful statements.

Katrin Scherer’s compositions have an independent sound language, whose influences can also be found beyond contemporary, improvised music, and refer, among other things, to the compositional teachings of the early 20th century.
She is a border crosser between the different genres.

In her projects, the complex compositions combine with a large repertoire of creative improvisations to form a homogeneous and lively unity.

Katrin Scherer – Alto-, Baritone Saxophone, Composition
Moritz Wesp – Trombone
Stefan Schönegg – Double Bass
Leif Berger – Drumset

Kontakt / Booking / Interviews
Katrin Scherer
Lassallestr. 34
51065 Köln
0178 1335788

Foto by Karl F. Degenhardt

1 Hermi & Paula
2 Polnischer Weihnachtsmann mit Kakadu
3 Squirrel
4 Garagen Punk
5 Second Brain
6 Winnetou – Antiheld
7 Quiet & Dark
8 Pocket Polka

Label: Office4music
Release Date: 01.09.2021
Format: CD / Digital
Katalognr.: GDM12


Video-Dokumentation der Aufnahme im Tonstudio:
Loft, Köln 17. und 18.12.2020
Videographer: Karl F. Degenhardt

Cluster Quartet – Medley


Hermi & Paula


Winnetou – Antiheld

Audio: CD Production
CLUSTER Quartet: Second Brain
Recorded in Dezember 2020 im Loft / Köln by Stefan Deisler
Mix and Master by Jonathan Hoffmann

Release: September 2021

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Katrin Scherer’s CLUSTER Quartet – Second Brain

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